Wear It, Strap It, Mount It

EZ Reach Magnetic Phone Mount

Wear It

EZ access to your phone at all times. No fumbling in your pocket or bag when you need it most.

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Strap It

Strap it to anything and follow along to videos while working, exercising or creating content.

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Mount It

Anything metal turns into a portable tripod to capture content or follow along to videos. AND a great way to keep your phone off the floor at the gym!

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What People Are Saying!



This is such a game changer! I need a separate case for my phone bc it wont wirelessly charge, but thats no biggie. Otherwise super useful so far! The magnet is so strong!



I took this product out for a Vlog and with my phone's quality there’s no point in buying a GoPro when this product is cheaper and STRONG! Held my phone the whole time! No hands, no tripod, no problem. EZ reach is legit!



This is the most durable magnet 🧲 that I’ve ever purchased! It’s amazing for capturing my gym workouts. I’m so happy I purchased.



Its so necessary to have, and it’s all purpose great product.



I bought a tripod and the EZ Reach at the same time. The tripod is still in the box. EZ Reach is so convenient. I can capture my workouts without taking up space and time trying to set it up. This was a much needed investment starting out my fitness journey. I’m definitely putting my people on this.

Wearable phone strap on guy and girl in athletic wear

A Must Have for

Content Creators

Whether you're in the Gym or On the Go, Having Your Phone within Easy Reach is a Must! Never Miss a Moment to Get the Content You Need!

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Whether recording yourself or keeping your phone off the floor, EZ Reach has you covered

Plane illustration


Travel, at the game or with friends, compliment your outfit with stylish straps that keeps your phone accessible to capture the important moments

Bag illustration


With our adjustable strap, put it on your waist and your phone will always be in reach, perfect for anyone that works on their feet!

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Brand New

Wearable Tech

On the go? At the gym? At work? EZ Reach keeps you stylish and more importantly keeps your most valuable tool always in EZ Reach!

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Cleaning your EZ mount is as EZ as wiping it with an alcohol wipe. Although the EZ mount can withstand sweat while working out, we do not recommend submerging the product in soap and water to clean.

Most definitely! You can purchase additional steel plates separately if you’d like to use the EZ mount for multiple devices.

The EZ mount should not be used around individuals who have a pacemaker or use personal medical devices due to our strong magnets.

Although the magnets in our mounts are strong, they will not damage your cell phone.

Magnets tend to only damage credit cards when they are in direct contact with the credit card strip for a prolonged period of time. If your credit card has a chip feature, it should not be affected at all by the magnets. However as a safety precaution, we recommend not storing the EZ mount directly beside your credit cards.