Jay & Haley EZ Reach Founders

Jay and Haley McMillan brought EZ Reach to life in January 2019. The mission of the husband and wife team is to create and develop wearable accessories that make routine tasks easier. Whether it’s working out or going to the grocery store, they have a solution to make your life a little more EZ!

Since 2011, Haley has worked in the fashion district of NYC where she developed and grew apparel brands from the ground up. The fashion world is an extremely competitive industry, and has taught Haley to be one step ahead at all times.

Jay, a successful personal trainer for 8 years in NYC, has always enjoyed helping clients transform their bodies from the inside out and finds it rewarding to know he is changing people’s lives for the better. Throughout the years it came to Jay’s attention that gym goers continually misplace their belongings. Accessible storage on apparel was needed for an active lifestyle.

In early 2019, Jay and Haley decided it was time to collaborate and use the “specialty” knowledge from each of their careers to create a functional accessory brand for all ages. After many late nights of crafting and testing prototypes, they reached their goal and created a cohesive collection of wearable technology.

The EZ Reach team sincerely hopes you enjoy EZ Reach accessories and they look forward to seeing how they make your life a little more EZ!

Wearable Tech Phone Mount & Phone Strap