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EZ Reach 2.0 Combo Pack Special Offer

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The EZ Reach 2.0 Combo Pack includes an EZ Reach 2.0 Mount, EZ Reach Steel Plate, an EZ Reach Bag Ring, and an EZ Reach Strap of your choice.

Please note that we are providing TWO different combo options for those individuals that would like to wear the mount across their chest (TWO STRAPS WILL BE NEEDED TO WEAR AS A CHEST HARNESS). 

Strap Length (excluding hardware):


PRINTED - MIN 28"/MAX 46.5"

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Wearable phone strap on guy and girl in athletic wear

EZ Reach, EZ Set UP

Learn How To Set Up & Use The EZ Reach Device.

How To Snap It

The EZ Reach Strap allows you to attach your phone to anything,metal in the gym, never leave your phone on the ground to get stepped on again!

Phone mounted on exterior pole

The EZ Reach system allows you to mount your phone on any metal surface to help anyone free up space or make better content!

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Phone mounted on exterior pole

How To Wear It

Whether your'e in the gym or on the go, with EZ Reach always have your phone ready to capture the moments that matter!

Cross Body style

Body Mount Style