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EZ Reach Cooling Towel


The EZ Reach Apparel cooling towel is constructed with a fiber blend that delivers the perfect amount of cool, while also being eco-friendly. 

Towel Dimensions: 34.5" x 12"

Fabrication: Biodegradable Poly Blend 

How It Works

Learn How To Set Up & Use The EZ Reach Device.

Ways To Use EZ Reach:

Phone mount on pant leggings

Wear It

Do you find yourself needing extra pocket space or don't like the feeling of your phone in your pocket while working out?

Phone strap on car visor

Strap It

The EZ Reach Strap allows you to attach your phone to anything, not just your typical metal surfaces you find at the gym.

Phone mounted on exterior pole

Mount It

The EZ Reach system allows you to mount your phone on any metal surface to help anyone free up space or make better content!